DanTDM and AVG

The whole point of publishing a game is to get people to play it. With Beat Stickman: Infinity Clones, I didn’t have any marketing plan and barely did any marketing stuff. But I was lucky though. The early players were showing me the love for the game, they appreciated my small updates made to the game and gave suggestions for things that I should improve or add to. That was all I need to keep on going. And among all of the players supporting the game, there are two names that I wish to send special thanks to.

DanTDM gave me a surprise in Feb 2019 (it was the 3rd day of the Vietnamese lunar new year), he made a video of himself playing Beat Stickman: Infinity Clones, and until today, it has attracted over 5 million views.

AVG is one of the earliest players of Beat Stickman: Infinity Clones (BSI) on Steam, you probably still can see him on the leaderboards. And he recently made a YouTube series on climbing BSI’s leaderboards. He is very passionate about video games in general and he’s also growing his own YouTube channel that is dedicated to interesting games with a small player base. I collab with him to bring Beat Stickman to the audience on YouTube. Our first collaboration is Beat Stickman’s Discord channels on AVG’s server, let’s go discuss some or just say “Hi”! There will definitely be more in the future so don’t forget to subscribe to his channel to stay tuned.

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