Google’s suspension, Apple’s rejection, and some thoughts on mobile

Google’s suspension

The original Beat Stickman game was only lucky enough to live on Google Play Store for a few hours and in Beta state. Google suspended the game because it was showing violent abuse of the figure (the Stickman). I submitted an appeal telling them about the story (the Stickman likes to be beaten, the red thing wasn’t blood but ketchup) but they just replied like they didn’t consider my appeal and the story of the game at all. Felt pretty frustrated, thought to myself that the only abuse I saw was a giant corp abused a tiny dev like me. The original Beat Stickman game with the silhouette art style and a story is nowhere near the level of “abusing violence” like other beating games on their platforms at the time, those games even got featured or Editorial choice.

Luckily, more than a year later, when the game started to get some recognition on other platforms (Apple’s App Store and Steam), they seem to finally accept the game, I don’t know exactly why, but for now, it’s still there.

Apple’s rejection

Before I submitted the original Beat Stickman to any platform, I thought the level of sensitivity that Google had with the game was only of Apple that I would have to worry about. Well, and it turned out I was wrong, Apple never had any problem with violence in the game. But they did have another problem though! The original Beat Stickman game had a weapon name after Samsung’s Galaxy S7, which was famous at the time for its explosive battery. In the game, its name was Galaxy S7. And Apple didn’t like it, they don’t want the name of their competitor to appear in any way. To get the game live, it took just a quick fix, but from the creative perspective I really didn’t feel comfortable doing that, felt like a loss for nothing.

Mobile games

I started by making mobile games. Mobile games have their own unique value that no other platforms can offer. Even with Beat Stickman, from the pure technical perspective, the game should be able to play on mobile with a great experience. But with my current situation and the current landscape of the platform’s policies, I decided to put all my love on big screen devices first. Hope someday I can publish my work to mobile again.

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